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Machine replacement parts are available for 10 years at least

Attention: The HumidAir™ Heated Humidifier is built into this machine. The heated humidifier does not function without a water chamber. Water chamber is sold separately. To purchase the water chamber (Ref:37300), add it to your shopping cart from the options on the machine page.

Wireless Communications: Available

Compatibility: Compatible with all CPAP & BiLevel Masks.

Tubing Compatibility: Compatible with all Standard, Performance, Slim Performance, ResMed SlimLine Tubing and ClimateLineAir ResMed Heated Tubing.

Universal Power Supply: AC power 100-240 V, 50-60Hz.

Sound Level: ~ 26.6 dBA (Average).

In the package: AirSense10 Elite CPAP Machine, Built-in HumidAir Humidifier, Dishwasher Safe & Long Life Humidifier Chamber (Optional), SlimLine Tubing, ClimateLineAir Heated Tubing (Optional), Universal AC Power Supply with Cord, Laptop Style Travel Bag (Charcoal-Dark Gray), Starter Filter, Filter Cover, SD Data Card, Printed Users Manual, 2 Years Manufacturer's Warranty.

AirSense10 Elite from ResMed is a CPAP Device that provides fixed pressure for patients with sleep apnea. Its compact design ensures easy transport and guarantees elegance. The controls are simple to use. With EPR pressure relief, the AirSense 10 Elite provides you with the lowest possible pressure during the exhalation phase, and the SmartStart System allows you to start therapy as soon as you put the mask on. An ambient light sensor and the AutoRamp System are also available in this lightweight machine. AirSense 10 Elite comes with ResMed's SlimLine Tubing:

SlimLine™ Tubing: AirSense 10 Elite comes with ResMed's SlimLine tubing. Compared to traditional tubing, the SlimLine™ Tubing is 40% lighter, 14% thinner and takes up 35% less space.

ClimateLineAir™ Heated Tubing: If you choose to start your therapy with the HumidAir Heated Humidifier, ResMed recommends the ClimateLineAir Heated Tubing, compatible only with specific CPAP & BiLevel machines from ResMed.

Discreet presence and quiet operation: AirSense 10  Elite is the most unobtrusive CPAP machine you've ever had! Thanks to its Easy-Breathe motor function, it guarantees completely quiet operation throughout the night. It also carries an ambient light sensor that reads the amount of light in the room and adjusts the brightness of the screen accordingly, so as not to disrupt your partner when you wake up during the night.

Built-in Humidifier: ResMed's Humidair Humidifier is directly built into the machine, making it significantly smaller in size and easier to use. Eight (8) levels of humidification are offered through the "My Options" screen, 1 being the lowest humidity setting and 8 being the highest, or, the humidifier can be turned off completely, depending on the user's needs.

Autoramp: The AutoRamp feature facilitates the therapy process from the second you turn on your machine. AutoRamp delivers a low pressure, so as to help the patient fall asleep and, once it detects that the patient is sleeping, it gently increases the pressure level, to make sure that the user receives the amount of air flow necessary for the treatment.

EPR (Expiratory Pressure Relief): ResMed's EPR feature provides respiratory comfort during the night. It's a high sensitivity algorithm, which reduces pressure at the minimum possible level during exhalation and adapts to the patient's breathing cycle. It comes with three (3) adjustment levels (1 is minimum Pressure Relief and 3 is maximum Pressure Relief) and with the option to be completely turned off.

SmartStart & AutoStop: The SmartStart function starts your therapy as soon as you wear your mask and AutoStop automatically stops it when you remove it.

Sleep Report: AirSense 10 Elite's Sleep Report provides you with all the details of your daily sleep apnea therapy, such as total usage hours, total usage days, days used more than 4 hours, mask leak rate indicators, AHI, mask seal, humidification details, average usage hours, used hours, average pressure, events per hour of use (AHI), total apnea index and central apnea index.

CSA & CSR Detection: The AirSense 10 Elite detects apneas from different causes other than those due to the breathing system, the CSA (central sleep apnea) and the CSR (Cheyne Stokes Respiration). This is a very important advantage for a CPAP Device, as it provides even more targeted therapy.

SD Data Card: The SD Data Card is pre-installed into the machine and stores the following sleep report information: 365 days of summary data including usage hours, mask seal, leak rate, humidifier functionality, days used, days used for over 4 hours, events (AHI) per hour, average usage, used hours, average pressure, AHI, total apnea index, central apnea index.

Wireless Communications: Thanks to ResMed's Wireless Communications system, you can have access to your therapy data and remotely change the settings anytime, just by contacting the provider through e-mail or telephone and requesting a setting adjustment or a therapy report. Keep in mind that, if you want to make a request, you have to make sure your machine has been plugged in for at least 24 hours.

MyAir Personalized Therapy Support: MyAir is an optional online program from ResMed, that provides personalised support throughout the treatment. It helps you set your personal treatment goals, rewarding you once you have achieved them. With myAir you will always have the motivation to continue a successful treatment. MyAir is understandable and simple to use, and includes helpful icons and charts. MyAir motivates the user by providing milestones with awards and badges.


Therapy Modes




Pressure Range


4-20 CMH2O

Sound Levels

26.6 dBA (Average)


AutoRamp (Sleep Detection) or Standard Ramp (User Adjustable)

Ramp Start

4 to CPAP Pressure

Auto On/Off



Disposable (Standard or Hypoallergenic)

Rainout Prevention

ClimateControl with ClimateLineAir Heated Tubing (optional)

Auto-Altitude Adjustment

Up To 2600m (8500ft)

EPR Technology

Expiratory Pressure Relief (Off, 1, 2, 3 CM H2O)

Leak Compensation


On-Screen Messages

High Leak Detected, Mask May Be Fitted Incorrectly, Water Tub Not Inserted Properly, Air Tubing May Not Be Connected Properly,  Tubing Blocked, System Fault, Air Filter May Be Blocked, etc.


Heater Plate Settings

Off, 1-8

Water Chamber Type

Standard or Long Life

Chamber Capacity

380 mL to Max. Fill Line

Power Source

Not Available


Data Storage  

4GB SD Data Card

Available Data                   

365 Days of Summary Data (Usage Hours, Events (AHI) Per Hour, Humidifier Functionality, Leak Rate, Days Used, Mask Seal, Days Used For Over 4 Hours, Average Usage, Used Hours, Average Pressure, Total Apnea Index, and Central Apnea Index)


AC Power

Universal AC power 100-240V, 50-60Hz

AC Power Supply


AC Power Supply Size

14.00cm x 5.10cm x 3.20cm (~5.50'' x 2.00'' x 1.25'').

AC Power Supply Weight

590gr (~1.25 Lbs).

AC Power Cord Length

3.66 meters (~12 feet).

AC Power Consumption

53 Watts-104 Watts(Maximum)

DC Power

Optional Accessory

DC Power Supply Size

16.50cm x 6.35cm x 3.80cm (~6.50'' x 2.50'' x 1.50'').

DC Power Supply Weight

767gr (~1.69 Lbs).

DC Power Cord Length

2.87 meters (~9 feet 5 inches).

DC Power Consumption

51 Watts-106 Watts(Maximum)



11.61cm x 25.50cm x 15.00cm (~4.57'' x 10.04'' x 5.91'').


1.25 kg (~2.75 lbs).

Certified Quality

Manufacturer: ResMed

Country of Origin: Australia, Singapore

Part Number: 37265


Download AirSense 10 Solutions Brochure

Download AirSense 10 Solutions Fact Sheet

Download AirSense 10 Quick Start

Download AirSense 10 User Guide

Download How to Adjust HumidAir Humidification Settings when Using the SlimLine or the ClimateLineAir Heated Tubing

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