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H5i™ Heated Humidifier For S9™ CPAP & VPAP Machines -

H5i™ Heated Humidifier For S9™ CPAP & VPAP Machines -
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H5i™ Heated Humidifier For S9™ CPAP & VPAP Machines

Delivery: Available in all countries

Compatibility: Compatible with S9™ Auto-25 Auto-VPAP™, S9 AutoSet™ Auto-CPAP, S9 Elite™ CPAP, S9 Escape™ CPAP, S9 VPAP™ Adapt, S9 VPAP™ S, S9 VPAP™ ST Machines.

In the Package: H5i™ Heated Humidifier, H5i™ Water Chamber (380mL).

Compatible with the above models, all S9 Series Machines automatically detect when the H5i is connected.

ClimateLine Tubing (optional)  combined with the H5i Heated Humidifier, will bring the optimal temperature and humidification result in sleep therapy. ClimateLine Heated Tubing features a heated internal coil that adjusts with the H5i Climate Control System, to prevent condensation and rainout. Furthermore the system measures in real time the air temperature of the mask, and allows the user to enjoy precise temperature and humidification.

S9 Large Dial: With the S9 Series machines large dial, you can easily adjust your humidifier settings, during therapy.


The H5i's Climate Control System measures and calculates seven (7) variables:

1. Room temperature (environmental changes).

2. Room humidity (environmental changes).

3. Total system airflow.

4. Real-time humidity output of the H5i.

5. Air temperature at the mask.

6. Pressure changes.

7. Mouth Leak.

You should use only distilled water and renew it every day. For best results, wash with water and a little vinegar or with mild detergent.


Dimensions: 15cm x 14cm x 8.60cm ( ~6.0'' x ~5.7'' x ~3.4'').

Weight: 0.68 kg (~1.5 Lbs).

Power Supply: Input range 100-240V, 50-60Hz.

Operating Temperature:  5ºC to 35ºC (+41ºF to +95ºF).

Operating Humidity: 10-95% non-condensing.

Operating Altitude: Sea level up to 8.500’ (~2.600 meters).

Storage and Transport Temperature: -20ºC to 60ºC (-4ºF to +140ºF).

Storage and Transport Humidity: 10-95% non-condensing.

Certified Quality

Manufacturer: ResMed

Country of Origin: Australia

Part Number: 36904


Download H5i & ClimateLine Information Guide in Estonian (Eesti)

Download H5i Product Guide

Download H5i Disinfenction Guide

Download ClimateLine Intructions in 12 Languages

Download ResMed Humidifier Compatibility List

Download ResMed Humidifier Compatibility List in Greek (Ελληνικά)

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