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Nobaderm® Sterile Transparent Polyurethane Film Dressing (50-Pack) -

Nobaderm® Sterile Transparent Polyurethane Film Dressing (50-Pack) -
Product Code: 160406
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Nobaderm® Sterile Transparent Polyurethane Film Dressing (50-Pack)

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Quantity/box: Each box, contains 50 pieces, prices are per box.

Composition: Polyurethane, polyacrylate adhesive.

Steril transparent film dressing made from polyurethane and hypoallergenic polyacrylate adhesive. Nobaderm protects aseptic wounds (for example abrasions and surgical wounds), by penetration of pathogenic germs. It is waterproof, however steam-permeable. Excellently suited as a wound cover for the damp wound treatment in combination with alginates

(Nobaalgin),, hydrogels (Nobagel) or collagen (Nobakoll),

Certified Quality


Typical Country of Origin: Germany

Part Number(s): 160406-(4cm x 5cm), 160606-(6cm x 7cm), 161010-(10cm x 12cm), 161520-(15cm x 20cm)


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