COVID-19 & Shipping Policies

COVID-19:  Owing to the COVID-19, we have changed our shipping policy following the rules of United Parcel Services-UPS. We are able to deliver to all UPS destinations. UPS shipping policies change regularly and we will inform you of those changes in time on this website. Click on the PDF document to get detailed information about  UPS delivery destinations, last information on April 24, 2020. We keep sending respiratory and medical equipment and working on our customers requests and needs every single day. At the checkout choose the Free Shipping Option with Hellenic Post. We ship out the 100% of orders with UPS.

Download UPS Global Novel Coronavirus Updates (Last Update April 24, 2020)

Local Time: (GMT+3). SSL Certificate: Our website uses SSL protocol for safe online transactions and purchases.

Payment Options: For quick purchases, go to the product and add to cart. Then go to the top right of your screen and click ''Checkout''. EPOS Credit Card System accepts payments from all cards except for American Express. You can pay as a guest (through VISA, MASTER CARD, VISA ELECTRON, MAESTRO, or PAYPAL), with the following steps:


Step 1: Checkout Options.

Step 2: Account & Billing Details.

Step 3: Delivery Details.

Step 4: Delivery Method.

Step 5: Payment Method, here you should choose a payment option between ''Paypal'',''Credit Card'' and ''Bank Transfer''.

Step 6: Confirm your order: in credit card's payment option, the Merchant's name ''MEDTROPAL & ASSOCIATES'' and the Merchant's site: '''' will appear on the screen. Follow the payment instructions.

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Yes, this website accepts orders from all countries, but we can not ship orders to places where state or local authorities permanently prohibit traffic for any reason. We do not ship orders to restricted traffic zones.


For Customers Within The European Union: In all the products' descriptions, there is a Logo (in green or in black), indicating one (1) of the six (6) following information: 'Same Day Shipping-Available in all countriesor 'Available in all countries' or 'Available in the European Unionor 'Same Day Shipping-Available in the European Unionor 'Same or 1 Day Shipping-Available in the European Union' or 'Available Outside the European  Union'.  99% of the items on this website are available in all countries of the European Union. Place your order and choose your shipping method (Free Shipping or UPS Shipping). There are no customs fees in destinations within the European Union.


For Customers of the US: Parcels that are delivered with UPS that cost up to $800 have no customs fees. Parcels delivered with the National Postal Service (ELTA) have no customs fees regardless of the price. All the receipts/invoices for US orders are issued in USD in case the patient is entitled to compensation from their insurance provider. After purchasing a product, the customer must send us their medical prescription through e-mail.


Please read the details for customers outside the European Union thoroughly:


For Customers of  NORWAY and SWITZERLAND:


All items with the following Logo: ''Available in the European Union''are available in Norway, in Switzerland, in Liechtenstein, in Iceland and in all the countries within the Schengen area. UPS service is also available for those countries.


Most of CPAP & Oxygen Machines operate in all countries (100-240VAC), so you don't need a North American power supply, but only the small power adapter to properly insert into the plug.


Our website always provides US or UK Small Power Adaptors for Free to customers of those destinations. We have customers from the US and from other countries outside the European Union, so don't hesitate to contact us for any questions.


For Customers Outside the European Union: In all the products' descriptions there is a Logo in green or in black indicating one (1) of the six (6) following information: 'Same Day Shipping-Available in all countries' or 'Available in all countries' or 'Available in the European Union' or 'Same Day Shipping-Available in the European Union' or 'Same or 1 Day Shipping-Available in the European Union' or  'Available Outside the European Union'.  We are unable to ship some items outside the European Union, but we can ship most of them. In case that your country is outside the European Union and you have questions about the shipment, please contact us for an immediate response. Usually, for countries outside the European Union (India, Thailand, Australia, Hong Kong etc.) it takes approximately 15 days (not business days) for the package to arrive.


For Customers of South America (SA): Some destinations at the airports in South America (for example Brazil, Chile, Mexico, etc), have a long waiting period before scanning of the parcels, and there is often a delay in tracking them. This delay is longer compared to the rest of the world - for example, the estimated waiting period for a parcel to be delivered in Mexico is ~45 days. For customers from Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Argentina we recommend they choose delivery by UPS courier for their orders.


For Customers of Hong Kong /Singapore: Those destinations have one of the fastest airport scan services as well as very organized Post Office services. When there are no in-between layovers, the orders arrive quickly at above mentioned destinations.


For Customers of the Russian Federation: Orders going to the Russian Federation, usually take a little bit longer to arrive.


For Destinations Outside the European Union Only: The packages may be subject to customs fees and import duties in the country's destination. These charges are always the recipient's responsibility.


For All Destinations: The shipping details that customers provide upon ordering a product are not subject to any changes by our company and are written on the parcel exactly as the customer provided them. We recommend that our customers contact their local post offices, 1 (one) week after the shipment date. In the rare case your parcel is not delivered by your local post office within 30 (thirty) days from the day of shipping, our company will fill in an ELTA search application form promptly. The local post office (ELTA) is then in charge of tracking the parcel for you and providing us with an official written report.



Owing to the COVID-19 all orders are shipped free with UPS



COVID-19 SHIPPING POLICIES: All items are Shipped for FREE to ALL Destinations by UPS.




After every purchase of a CPAP-BiPAP machine, we immediately send the customer the warranty, the certificate of purchase and the receipt through e-mail, in case they are entitled to compensation from their insurance provider.




DELIVERY TIME: Normally the orders are shipped on the same day (Same Day Shipping), but some orders are shipped within one (1) business day, depending on the order's local time. We usually ship European and International orders on the same day if order's local time is up to 02:00pm (GMT+3).


SHIPPING COUNTDOWN: When browsing our items, before checkout, you can see an hourglass with a clock countdown below it on the left of the screen. The countdown indicates the time remaining for your order to be shipped on the same day. All orders made during working days (Monday to Friday) until 02:00pm (GMT+3) are shipped on the same day. The orders made after 02:00pm (GMT+3) are shipped on the next working day.


In certain Ref Codes of NOBA VERBANDMITTEL and MASK PARTS Categories, there may be delays in shipment. If there's a delay of more than three (3) days, you will be immediately informed. Our store is updated daily and keeps you informed about our stock. Our  company takes no responsibility for delays in  delivery due to events that are beyond reasonable control.




Actual Stock: The actual stock of this website is 99% for all types of respiratory & CPAP items (CPAP-BiPAP Products, ClipAir, Somnolis, Somnofit, Oxygen Products, Oximeters, Nebulizers) and 95% for the Category ''Doctor's Office and Patient's Home Medical Supplies'', mainly due to the large variety of size options. When a product is out of stock, it cannot be purchased, because it is locked and, usually, it has the indication ''Out of Stock Today''.




Gift vouchers are for personal use only and must not be used by a third party for any reason. The products that are purchased with a gift voucher cannot be returned and/or replaced.




Along with your order's items, you will receive your payment receipt, which also serves as warranty. All products are accompanied with a manufacturer's warranty varying from thirty (30) days to five (5) years as mentioned in the respective description. In case you receive defective merchandise, you should return it within thirty (30) days from the day of the purchase, so that we can check and replace it. In case the local post office is unable to find the customer for any reason, the parcel will be sent back to us. With every product return the customer has to make sure that their correct address is legibly written on the envelope. Please contact us if you are unsatisfied for any reason.


RETURNS: In case of a product return/replacement, our store is responsible for the shipping cost of the original order. The cost of the product return and replacement is the customer's responsibility. The company is not responsible for potential transport damages on the product's package and doesn't accept returns on any product unless the product is defective or damaged.


Important: In case the customer neglects to seek their parcel and in case the parcel is returned to the company for any reason from the National Post Office, the company will under no circumstances refund returned/lost products.


Happy Shopping!


Payment & Shipping Policies were last updated: April 30, 2020