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AirFit™F10 For Her Full Face Mask with Headgear -

-13% AirFit™F10 For Her Full Face Mask with Headgear -
Product Code: 63150
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AirFit™F10 For Her Full Face Mask with Headgear

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Compatibility: Compatible with all CPAP & BiPAP Machines.

Color: Gray with pink highlights.

In the Package: AirFit™ F10 For Her Full Face CPAP & BiLevel Mask with Small Adjustable SoftEdge Headgear, Soft Strap Wraps and instructions of use. Standard Headgear with blue highlights is also available on this website separately for users with larger heads.

With SpingAir Cushion, reduces pressure at the sensitive area of the nasal bridge. Click on the picture to view the AirFit™ F10 Full Face CPAP Mask:

30 DAYS FREE TRIAL: Want to try AirFit™ F10 For Her at home? Try it for free, and if you're not satisfied, return it within 30 days with 100% money refund!

The AirFit™ F10 For Her is a lightweight and comfortable Full Face CPAP Mask with a super minimal design that offers freedom of movement and a clear field of vision. The SoftEdge Headgear with the rolled-edge straps is made of a unique texture that improves mask fit and the Dual-Wall SpringAir Cushion minimizes pressure at the sensitive area of the nasal bridge, while ensuring an overall secure seal. The compact mask frame provides a clear line of sight.


SpringAir Dual-Wall Nasal Cushion: This dual-wall nasal cushion has an outer wall that automatically seals when the inner wall is stabilized on the mask. It gently inflates during therapy and provides a secure seal. It is available in Extra Small, Small and Medium. Large size is also available.

SoftEdge Headgear: AirFit F10 For Her's SoftEdge headgear is made of a smooth fabric, reducing red marks on the face to the minimum and allowing for a stable and comfortable fit and a secure seal that remains maintained throughout the night. The headgear has pink accents and it comes in Standard size.

Four (4) Mask Parts: AirFit™ F10 For Her is made of only four (4) parts: the mask frame, the elbow, the dual-wall SpringAir Cushion, and the SoftEdge Headgear. The cushion can be attached to the frame with a click, or removed with a gentle squeeze. The frame has headgear loops that make attachment and removal super easy, without constant adjusting and readjusting.

No Forehead Support: Designed to feel lightweight with minimal contact with the user's face and with an optimal, secure seal, the AirFit F10 For Her does not carry a forehead support.

Diffused Venting: AirFit F10 For Her has circular diffused venting that disperses the air away from the user and their bed partner. That way it offers a completely quiet performance and a comfortable night sleep.

Quick Release Elbow: The Quick Release elbow snaps on and off in a matter of seconds, making mask cleaning easier than ever.

Certified Quality

Manufacturer: ResMed

Country of Origin: Australia

Part Number(s): 63148 (Extra Small), 63149 (Small), 63150 (Medium)


Download AirFit F10 Product Guide

Download AirFit F10 Product Guide in French (en Français)

Download Fitting Template

In love with it on 15/02/2019
21 reviews
i have been a CPAP user since 1993, using primarily full face masks. I tried the F10 and from the first night of using it I fell in love with it. I really like how light weight it is and there is nothing pressing on my forehead, very comfortable, I will continue using the F10, Jonas, kentucky
Airfit p10 review by Edward on 04/02/2019
21 reviews
The p10 is the best mask I ever used. I have been using two cpap machines and more than six nasal masks, this is the best one I ever used, it's lightweight, it's comfortable and the headgear is very comfortable and easy to take off. I have a sneaking suspicion about the headgear that it stretches out after several times of use. It's the only objection I have to say for this product.Edward, Switzerland
Anthony, TX on 31/01/2019
21 reviews
I purchased this Full Face mask and as far as a full face mask goes, it is fine. I did not manage to get comfortable with it and could not stop leaking for anything. I am primarily a side sleeper and it didn't work for me as I wanted. It seems well constructed, so if you want or need a full face, it is worth trying. I was told I was a mouth breather and needed to use a full face mask.
zoran, milano on 11/07/2018
21 reviews
great cpap masks and supplies at super prices. i love the f10, this is the secoind mask i buy here. all my experiences very good. will choose again.
perfect on 28/06/2018
21 reviews
the most comfortable mask! i always have leaks, not with this one! big fan eddie, wilmington

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