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Brand: CAIRE
Out of Stock TodayWeight: With 8-Cell Battery: 2.30 Kg (~5.0 Lbs), With 16-Cell Battery: 2.70 Kg (~6.0 Lbs), Battery Run Time: Up to 8.0 Hours with 16-Cell Battery and Up to 4.0 Hours with 8-Cell BatteryIn the package: FreeStyle Comfort Unit, Carrying Bag, Shoulder Strap, 8-cell Battery Pack, AC Pow..
3,295.00€ Ex Tax:3,295.00€
Brand: CAIRE
Available in the UK & in the European UnionWeight: 6.80 kg (~ 15 Lbs), Machine's + Battery Weight: 8.35 Kg (~ 18.4 Lbs), Battery Run Time: Up to 5.4 Hours in Pulse Dose Mode and 3.7 Hours in Continuous Flow Mode, Battery Charge Time: Varies from 1.8 to 5.0 hours depending on flow settings, the b..
3,700.00€ 3,200.00€ Ex Tax:3,200.00€
Brand: CAIRE
Available in all countriesCompatibility: Compatible with Eclipse 1, 2, 3 & 5 Series Portable Oxygen ConcentratorsReusable filter replacement pack, designed for use with all Sequal Eclipse Oxygen Concentrator Machines. They should be washed with mild detergent.Certified QualityManufacturer: ..
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Brand: CAIRE
Out of Stock TodayCompatibility: Compatible with all Freestyle 3 & Freestyle 5 portable oxygen concentrators (included in the FreeStyle 3 & FreeStyle 5 packages).Carry-all bag for your FreeStyle oxygen machine. This bag provides a large space for your FreeStyle portable oxygen concentrator, ..
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