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Choice One Medical

Out of Stock TodayCompatibility: Compatible with all CPAP MasksIngredients: 100% Pure CottonAvailable with or without fragrance, the unscented aloe and the Citrus with Lemon & Grapefruit. These wipes are perfect for daily use. If you don't wash your CPAP mask and CPAP equipment for a couple..
12.00€ Ex Tax:12.00€
Available in all countriesCompatibility: Compatible with all CPAP Masks and TubingsThis product is alcohol-free and without heavy chemicalsAvailable in two scents, light green tea-mint scent  and grapefruit-citrus scent. Purdoux soap is the best choice for the daily cleaning of your CPAP equipm..
9.95€ Ex Tax:9.95€
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